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Secretary of municipal committee of the CPC CaoXinPing in kaiyuan names hotel meeting to xu visited Canada guest

Date: 2012-11-27

  China huaihai net news: yesterday afternoon, secretary of municipal committee of the CPC CaoXinPing in kaiyuan names hotel, met with the Canadian Chinese businessman always trade group to xu visit Toronto brampton mayor, Susan Finn Nell lady and Barry city mayor Jeff, mister lehmann noted a line.City leaders XiaWenDa, ZhouBaoChun to meet.

  CaoXinPing on behalf of the municipal party committee and the city government to trade group a line to xu welcome visit.And he said, xuzhou in jiangsu province is key planning and construction of the metropolis circle three core city and four megapolis, and also one of the huai hai economic zone center city, has a long history and culture, a solid industrial foundation, location convenient transportation, science and education resources are rich, the ecological environment is superior, the strong momentum of development.At present, xuzhou is in speeding up the urbanization and industrialization process, pay great attention to the city with the international exchanges and cooperation, a batch of including caterpillar, ROM, Ed, the world famous enterprise in xuzhou and realized rapid development.We warmly welcome the Toronto enterprise to xu investigation, investment, and we will work to create the first-class environment boosting enterprise development.At the same time, we also actively promote xuzhou enterprise towards the world, seeking more broad development space.Sincerely hope that business group's members in xu period to walk and see, exchanges, the more investigation, promote the two cities in the higher level, more fields of win-win cooperation.

  Susan, Finn said Nell, through in xuzhou's visit, we have the city's economic development, urban construction, ecological protection left a very deep impression.Especially in xuzhou city economy and the rapid development of technology, make us very shocked.Xuzhou and Toronto has many similarities, the two sides exchange cooperation is very broad space.Hope that through this visit to jointly promote the two city various exchanges and cooperation, and strive to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.